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Child Portrait Sessions

Your baby turning one is a big milestone in their lives, from being born they have had most of their firsts, first tooth, first smile, first hair cut, first solid foods, first night they slept all the way through (hopefully)! so all of these put together shows how much your baby has come on in his/her first year and what better way to celebrate than to have a milestone portrait session

My child portrait sessions are taken when baby is around 7 - 12 months before baby has started walking. We have so much fun i usually end up in fits of laughter so much that my sides ache with all the little unique expressions and noises your little ones make!  I call these sessions sitter sessions because baby has just learnt to sit on their own which is a lovely time to capture and we get lots of cooing and smiles which make for beautiful and memorable  portraits of your little one. 


The session usually lasts between 1 - 1.5 hours depending on how baby is on the day and i schedule these for just after babies morning nap and before lunch time so baby is not grouchy if wanting food or its their sleep time, but if they do want to do either while you are with me dont worry, i can capture these moments for you too!


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Child Portrait / Milestone Session


includes £50 non refundable deposit, use of props and accessories

90 minute session if required, (Splash Tub/Milk Bath session £30 extra)

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